Bachelor in Paradise (S:4 E:6): A Story Of A Tickle Monster And A Canadian Seeking To Be Tickled

Hóla Daniel

Daniel arrives right before the rose ceremony and Lacey runs and jumps on him immediately. Lacey makes herself very available to him, but he makes himself very unavailable to her. Christen tries to make her case to Daniel next. He’s intrigued by the idea of not getting any STD’s from her. So that’s something, right? Leave it up to Jasmine to make her case with some unappealing flirting.

Rose Ceremony

Another storm means another rose ceremony. Chris Harrison comes out to announce the rose ceremony. Daniel is the first one up to hand out a rose, and it goes to Lacey. Jack Stone comes out and gives his rose to Christen. Jasmine is freaking out about being sent home, until Matt comes back! He wants to give his rose to Jasmine, who begrudgingly accepts it and won’t even hug him. Cold. Derek gives his rose to Taylor. Robby to Amanda. Diggy gives his to Dominique. Adam is up next and his choice is Raven. It’s Dean and he has two women pining for it. With all this anticipation his rose goes to Kristina. Ultimately he goes for the sure thing. Ben Z. has the final rose of the night and it goes to Danielle. Sarah and Alexis are bidding goodbye.

Tickle Man

Everyone is awakened by the screams of Mexican wrestlers, but Christen is unaware that sumo wrestlers were a thing in Mexico. Yup, there’s that. Apparently the reason for all this was to give Daniel a date card. Next morning Dean wakes up with Kristina, looks like that rose paid off. It also means that a new arrival is in paradise, Jonathan “The Tickle Monster”. He’s a man with a plan as he goes right for Christen. Doesn’t take long for her to accept a date card from him. She goes from one creepy guy (Stone) to another (Jonathan), so clearly she has a type.


Daniel and Lacey’s date would be right up my alley—wrestling. Lacey and Daniel are at a wrestling event and are actually WRESTLING. They do decently and show off with some moves.

Same Old Love Triangle

The Dean-Kristina-Danielle love triangle is still not over. Dean isn’t invested in Kristina and wants to continue to pursue Danielle. No surprise there.

On the dinner date with Tickle Monster, Christen is smitten by his alleged Clark Kent looks? There is serious immediate need for Christen to get proper eye care consultation. She’s impressed by his brilliance and conversationalist persona.

Dean is back to his flirty ways with Danielle D-Lo in the pool, while Kristina watches on alongside Robby. Same old, same old.

Filler In Studio

Next up was the live studio fodder with Wells, Alexis, Raven and Amanda. Plus a Jasmine and Matt awkward reunion.

Corinne makes her entrance to talk to Chris Harrison about the fiasco. First she talks about some mysterious medication she was taking that contributed to her condition in paradise. She laments about her struggles and the media’s coverage of her. Cry me a river.


Episode Rating: 6.5/10

My Take:

A new episode and things still remain status quo. Daniel is his old cocky self. No hope of romance, but plenty of a hookup. Just with who? The Dean-Kristina-Danielle love triangle will never end, but I’m really hoping it does. No one cares about a boy (NOT man) who can’t decide on a girl he wants to mess with. I sure hope his father, the sheik wizard isn’t watching his boy make all these mistakes. 

The Corinne part was a big eye roll for me. At least I had a sense that DeMario was genuine and honest when he spoke last week, but with Corinne, she’s always complaining or wanting the sympathy. I’m over her—for good. 

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