Bachelor in Paradise (S:4 E:5): Avoiding The Commitments

Virgin Ways

Drama is at an all-time high in paradise as the life altering game of blindfolding Jack Stone and having him taste food items. This is what real boredom is folks. It’s up to Christen to arrive in paradise and ruin the fun. She’s arrived equipped with a date card. Jasmine claims Matt is off-limits, but not according to him he isn’t. Virgin girl Christen can’t resist Matt’s great looks (clearly she must have vision problems). That’s all it took to close the deal and get that date booked.

Scallop Fingers

Before that date can proceed, Matt must ask for Jasmine’s permission to go. Jasmine begrudgingly allows him to go (as if she has a choice), but runs over to confront Christen and intimidate her. That whole intimidation schtick doesn’t do much considering Matt and Christen are off to their date, while Jasmine is stuck back at the bar talking crap. What follows is some stupid “scallop fingers” talk, apparently that’s Christen’s nickname? So dumb. Once again, further proof that everyone is just hanging out and not hooking up.


Robby comes out of the woodworks and attempts to bamboozle Amanda. Robby just doesn’t strike me as a step-dad type. It’s been quiet on the Dean and Kristina front, but as the rose ceremony approaches Kristina is in need of a rose. Will it be Danielle L. or her?

Derek on Ice

Trouble in paradise. Derek and Taylor are having a blow-up. A “f**k you” from Derek sets her off. Taylor starts her tantrum. This is reason enough for Derek to break-up with her. If he ever had an escape, this is it. Taylor is showing that side of her we saw on Nick’s season.

Rose ceremony jitters begin. Raven and Sarah are fighting over a rose from Adam. Meanwhile, Dean is being his usual boring self. Every time Kristina is ready to pull away, she’s suckered right back to him. Unreal. D-Lo aka Danielle L. is ready for Dean to make up his mind and pick her or Kristina. Girl, you aren’t the only one waiting for this dude to make up his mind.

Taylor and Derek attempt to talk things out and the therapist talk ensues. Taylor is lecturing him in her counselor ways. He begs for forgiveness and she finally accepts. Geez. On the other end, Matt can’t handle the pressure of two women liking him, so he tells Christen that she may not be getting a rose. Jasmine isn’t cutting it for him either. So what’s a guy supposed to do? Well, according to Matt, going home is the way out. When in doubt, run, which is exactly what he’s doing.


Last Chances

After hearing the news of Matt leaving, Christen is about to flood paradise with all her tears. Time is about to run out and Jasmine and Christen are hustling for a rose. Christen takes the upper hand when she goes in for the kiss after talk to her—awkwardly. With Matt gone, Chris Harrison comes out to announce that Matt’s rose will be given out by a new guy—Canadian Daniel! The rest is to be continued…



Things are obviously getting stale and dull in paradise. Blindfolding Jack Stone and making him taste various foods is just one of the examples. These couples are just there to hang out and it’s not going to change. The odd pairing of Derek and Taylor hit a rough patch. They have sort of been forgotten and not featured lately. 

Hopefully the Dean-Kristina-Danielle love triangle is coming to an end, it’s plainly obvious he’s messing around with both of them and isn’t willing to commit to any of them. Jack Stone received some pity interest. Matt decided he couldn’t take it anymore with Christen and Jasmine so he quit. 

I won’t even get started on this “scallop fingers” inside joke. It’s just so dumb and not funny. 

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