Bachelor in Paradise (S:4 E:3): Kristina Doesn’t Make Dean’s List

Welcome Adam

The continuation of Kristina’s argument with Dean starts out the show. She goes over to the bar to lament to Wells and Nick all about it. Wells actually has some good advice by telling her to play this whole experience as if she doesn’t give a crap. Sound advice. Our next arrival is Adam—without dummy. The guys start screaming at his sight and run over to hug him. Adam arrives with a date card, so he asks the guys whose available, the answer to that is pretty much everyone. Adam chats up his two main interests, Kristina and Raven. The man has good taste.

Morning arrives and Adam needs to make a decision on who he’s taking on a date, he decides it’s going to be Raven. Disappointed Kristina seeks advice from Professor Diggy, who seems to be in paradise only to hang out with guys and give advice. Next she goes over to sleeping Dean and tries to talk, but we all know you can get more out of talking to a broom than him.

Adam and Raven head on their date for some drinks. She talks about her experiences with Robby and Ben Z and utters the new cliche desire of this season, which is the desire to find a “Evan & Carly” thing. Rolling my eyes. She’s still undecided which guy she’s vibing with the most. Another eye roll. As Raven is deciding who will get her rose the best shot of the season is shown when Vinny gives Ben a haircut. Now that’s a symbolism of a real bromance.

Rose Ceremony Scrambling

Could it be? Is it possible? Will an actual rose ceremony happen? Twelve guys for eight women with roses, there will be a few going home. A typhoon erupts to add to the suspense. Last moment to scramble for a mercy rose. One fact that remains true is that whenever Ben Z. appears on television you can expect him to throw in a mention of his dog. So in life you can count on death, taxes and a Ben Z. dog comment.

Iggy’s last ditch efforts to get a rose from Lacey reaches extreme lows when he attempts to christen her drink with a Jewish blessing of sorts. His buddy Diggy one-ups him when he ends up smooching with Lacey after Iggy leaves. Alex has no shame, so he goes up to every girl pretending to be into her. Dean and Kristina have a chit-chat so that he can tell her that he wants to slow things down with her. Genius move right before the women’s rose ceremony.


Rose Ceremony 

This rose ceremony has faced more drama and adversity than any contestant in the history of this show. Corinne and DeMario’s fiasco shut down production and cancelled the first one. The typhoon shut down the second one. President Trump shut down the third one with his speech. Can we finally get a rose ceremony for goodness sake?! Yes we can.

So it begins. Taylor gives her rose to Derek. Jasmine gives her rose to Matt. Raven stuns Ben and gives her rose to Adam. Alexis gives her rose to Jack Stone. Diggy gets a rose, but I blinked and didn’t know who gave him one because Ben’s still giving his testimonial. Danielle M. gives a pity rose to Ben. Poor doggie back home is still waiting on him. Kristina hesitates for a second, but gives her rose to Dean. Amanda has a final rose and it goes to Robby. Time’s up for Iggy, Nick, Alex and Vinny.

Welcome Danielle

A new arrival graces paradise and everyone is google-eyed for Danielle L. She arrives with a date card. All the guys are thrown into a state of flux. Danielle talks to Ben first and then she goes to Dean. Everyone is waiting for her decision, but she announces that Dean is her man to go on a date with. Kristina is seething on the inside.


Dean and Danielle go on a ATV ride to start out their date. Somewhere Kristina is breaking something or she’s laying around tanning and complaining to the other Danielle (M). They start chatting about their individual seasons and talking crap about Nick Viall. If that’s their bonding method then their have a lot of work to do, but then Dean starts talking about how stupid he looks on TV and she acknowledges it and giggles. Now I’m thinking they are perfect for another. Nothing meaningful to say to each other and all they do is giggle. It’s a match.

Kristina Goes Off

Kristina continues to lament about Dean, to Robby this time. Dean seeks advice from the Diggy and Matt and they convince him to go talk to Kristina. That leads to another talk between Dean and Kristina. He admits to her that he “pecked” kissed Danielle, right, a peck. An odd pinky swear between them concludes this chat. Everyone gets together for a bond fire with smores. Who knew they keep it simple in paradise.

Just as Kristina feels great about Dean, the smiley Mr. Giggles brings out a piece of cake with candles for Danielle’s half-birthday. Whatever that is? Another dagger in Kristina. Dean goes to celebrate half-birthday shots with Danielle as Kristina runs off crying. That brings the episode to ta close.



This was all about the Danielle, Dean and Kristina love triangle. Finally a rose ceremony was completed. That was a long time coming. Seemed like they dragged this group on for a long time, until they accumulated enough to have to eliminate four men. On the other hand it rattles my mind how Dean is messing with Kristina? I mean you’d think she’d be way to mature to even like him, but I guess that’s not the case. How does this guy get away with being a grown child, yet have all women swoon over him?

It’s fairly surprising how majority of the contestants haven’t made a connection yet. Wondering if it’s due to the filming layoff? This is definitely the first season in a while where there is such a lack of connections. I’m sure things will start developing shortly. Seriously, kinda surprised that Danielle M. has had zero connections. I like the fact this show is on two nights a week, so back to it tomorrow night.

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