Bachelor in Paradise (S:4 E:2): Flings Faltering After A Short Break

Life Lessons After The Fiasco

The special Tuesday night episode starts out with the big Evan and Carly wedding. I’ll spare all of you and myself a recap. So it starts out with Chris Harrison doing the introductions after the Corinne and DeMario incident and start filming the return. Harrison gets in front of everyone to go over the incident and what happened. He asks everyone if they trust the conclusion of the investigation, they all do apparently. The cast reinforces how “real” the show is and how they are real people in a real world. This all looks like the cast trying to reinforce that the production is not to blame for anything. The cast sticks up for DeMario.

This is sort of turning into a counseling session between the cast and Harrison. It looks a lot like a teacher (Harrison) and his students (cast) talking about the do’s and don’ts. He asks the majority if they want to be there. Well duh, they flew out there again. Everyone on the cast agrees they want to continue.

Shaky Connections

The restart begins. The guys and gals talk to among each other about who they like and who might be getting roses from whom. Dean talks about traveling to Kentucky and Chicago with Dean during the break from filming. As far as Taylor and Derek go, well he’s into her and she’s kinda skeptical about them together. So Taylor is the one skeptical here? Geez. Matt and Jasmine try to continue their thing, but Matt is open to other possibilities. Alex is working hard on Amanda, but clearly she doesn’t view him as a chaperone for her kids. That’s a dead end for him. That Alex charm is failing miserably.

Derek Gets A Date

Raven, who appears to be the head of the island finds a date card, but it’s going to Derek. Lacey and Iggy’s flame has gone out, but poor Lacey is crying in hopes of having a real man for her arrive, a man such as Daniel, yup, she said it. Meanwhile Derek and Taylor or on their dinner date at some voodoo looking place. Taylor talks about liking being desired by Derek. Not much talking, but a lot of kissing.


Oh Dean

Dean and Kristina are lounging around and getting nowhere, because he won’t say much or open up. Typical Dean. Kristina bursts out with her Dean frustrations. There goes nothing. When in doubt go to talk to Wells at the bar, who apparently doesn’t ever close it down. What a hard working man. Man legs are shown and the episode concludes on that. Until next Monday.



The first hour of the Carly-Evan wedding was very underwhelming, although Nick Viall showed up with Vanessa. So the first 15 minutes felt like a lecture with Chris Harrison bringing up obvious questions to address the Corinne and DeMario fallout. It was too forced. Like grown adults need to explain what consent means to them. If you don’t understand this concept, you’re dumber than an empty box. No means no people. That simple. Moving forward. 

As far as the episode goes, one thing remains evident, this filming layoff tested all these fresh relationships. Only one seemed to manage to survive, shockingly Taylor and Derek’s. Dean finally revealed again that he may not be mature enough to date a woman, especially one of Kristina’s caliber. The main takeaway is that no one wants to date or explore relationships. Is it just a case of everyone being overly picky or there is no chemistry in this resort among these people? 

They brought in so many people on the first night and little is coming out of this overcrowded paradise. This rose ceremony needs to happen to trim the fat. Not that anyone has any weight issues there with all their chiseled physiques. Some people have finally figured out that paradise is just a fun place to hang out with your friends. 

The season preview did look interesting. Some drama will arise. Some of the old paradise cast members will be arriving, notably Daniel and the twins (Hayley and Emily). Is Chase going to be there? Robby’s Ken doll looks aren’t getting him as far as anticipated. One thing is for sure, that Raven is in control of this place. Now all she needs is to be paired up before she gets sent home. There appear to be some twists and triangle romances coming. We shall see. 

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