The Bachelorette ‘Men Tell All’: Lee Bashing

The Guys Are Back

We are a week away from the final and the fill in week provides us with The Men Tell All, or in most cases the men actually tell very little. Chris Harrison hosts this studio event that brings back majority of this seasons contestants. Instead of delving into the show, we get immediate filler and look back on the “most memorable moments” in the tell all history. Not very memorable moments, actually. Among them a live ultrasound! Yup, it happened with Ashley and J.P.

After the commercial we are reintroduced to: Jamey (no idea), Diggy, Iggy, Blake, Anthony, Lucas, Fred, DeMario, Alex, Jonathan, Lee, Jack Stone, Josiah, Will, Matt, Kenny, Adam and Dean. A standing ovation for Dean. And a 5 minute season and feuds recap follows.


DeMario Excuses

Things get started with the lame Lucas “Whaboom” and Blake feud. Before that chatter starts getting going it comes to a quick end and they move on to DeMario. Immediately they want to address the ex-girlfriend drama. DeMario claims she was a “side chick” to which the audience women gasp in shock. Oh please. DeMario claims there were no pics or footage of him with this woman and that he never dated her, though on the contrary Harrison claims that he told him that was his girlfriend and he has footage to prove. Naturally DeMario asks to see the footage and Harrison doesn’t provide it. Lame. What should be addressed is the whole Bachelor in Paradise scandal. Harrison avoiding it is weak. Lucas interjects to get some attention and that ends this segment.


Kenny v Lee

Coming back from the break it’s the Kenny vs Lee drama. Kenny made it clear that he was sick of the drama just as much as the viewers. Dean, tonight’s spokesman, sides with Kenny. DeMario sticks up for Lee. No surprise there. Kenny points out that he doesn’t feel Lee was projecting racism. Harrison needs to buy more time so he will bring up Lee and Kenny to the stage.

Kenny is in the hot seat after the commercial break. We see a recap of Kenny’s experience on the show. He talks about trying to responsible as a father and not projecting a bad image of himself. Lee acknowledges he should have taken a high road and apologizes to Kenny, who is willing to bury the hatchet with him. Harrison has a surprise for Kenny and brings out the daughter. She is proud of her dad for his run on the show. Harrison surprises them with a trip to Disneyland. Did Kenny just win a Super Bowl or something?


Lee Thrashing 

Lee is in the hot seat after the break. He is anxious, but doesn’t think it’s a bad thing. He claims that he makes jokes at a bad time, says that he was disappointed in the way he acted. Spokesman Dean puts Lee on blast. Harrison brings up a series of tweets that Lee sent. Josiah comes to the stage to confront Lee. The guys begin to call out Lee on his lack of understanding of racism. Lee looks like he’s melting from paranoia. Lee admits that it hurts a lot to hear what the guys are saying about him. Kenny accepts Lee’s wrongs and they hug it out. End of the feud. As Lee walks back to his seat guys come up to him an embrace him.


It’s Dean’s turn to come to couch. First is the recap of his experience on the show. They talk about his family and the need to introduce Rachel to his family. It was an important thing for him to do that was healing. He credits Rachel for helping him to open up.

Rachel’s Turn

Rachel finally comes out. She’s excited to see some of them. She talks about the difficulty of having to break up with Dean who joins her on stage. He wants to know why she told him that she was falling in love with him. She confirms to him that she was falling in love with him and did love him. The topic of DeMario is brought up, she throws shade at him for not being honest. The topic of race is brought up. She said she didn’t notice the race part when she was going through the season. Right, that’s why you broke down one episode talking about how hard it was to be a black Bachelorette.


Rachel starts talking about being in a position to be a spokesperson for women and African-Americans. She proceeds to give him some sort of threat to meet her backstage for a African-American history lesson. Lee apologizes to her. Adam gets the chance to ask his question. She says that she wishes she had more time for him and Matt. Rachel says it’s unfortunate that America didn’t get to see what she had with them. Fredrick gets his chance. He questions why he didn’t get a chance but just wants to express himself, then he proceeds to break down and cry, as it appears. Bloopers are next.

The final segment shows the preview of the finale. Harrison teases showing a clip of Bachelor in Paradise, but that will have to wait till next week.


This was pretty much centered on three people; Dean, Kenny and Lee. Legitimately half the show was about the Kenny and Lee feud and then it turned into a Lee bashing. I kinda felt bad for the guy. He was apologetic and appeared genuine about it, yet they kept egging him on. They showed a clip of Kaitlyn being bullied, yet I felt it was slightly similar to what we saw with Lee tonight. I’m not sure if they wanted him to admit to being racist or something? It was aggressive, they guy looked so uncomfortable on national television. Rachel once again shows her inconsistent version of herself. She plays up being nice, but comes off with some rude comments. The her vibe she presents is not pleasant and she seems to like to dig at people. Bring on Paradise already.

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