The Bachelorette (S:13 E:9): Meet The Family

Peter Meets The Parents

The final three remaining men are meeting up with Rachel in Texas. They are informed that they will be meeting her family there and now. Eric does his best to pretend he’s excited. Peter is the first to meet the family and Rachel decides to take him shopping for baby clothes, for her eight months pregnant sister. Quickly we find out Peter has never shopped for baby clothes. Trouble.

Bryan and Eric are lamenting about Peter going first, so Bryan is trying to throw some shade at Peter by bringing up the fact he hasn’t told Rachel he loves her. Bryan attempts to get Eric to come on his pity boat and throw more dirt at Peter for not loving Rachel like they do. Funny, considering Eric never told her he loves her.

Peter and Rachel arrive at her family home. Peter breaks the ice by telling the story of how his parents met. Okay. He finally manages to catch their attention by telling them about his and Rachel’s connection. Rachel and her sister Constance discuss babies and marriage. You know, the real stuff. Rachel becomes the party pooper when she talks to her mom Kathy and expresses her worry over Peter’s proposal uncertainty. Mom does the dirty work and brings that up with Peter. To his credit, Peter told mom he won’t ask for a marriage proposal blessing because he’s not certain he’s ready to propose. Mom appreciates his honesty. That concludes Peter’s stay at the Lindsay household.

Eric Meets The Family

Eric is up next to visit the family. Before they go to meet them he goes with Rachel to do some sight seeing.

Scheming Bryan now badmouths Eric to Peter.

Eric meets the family and they get to the bottom of his last relationship. Everyone is taken aback by his lack of relationships. Constance doesn’t seems to be cautious of him and sees a different relationship than the one with Peter. Eric talking about never being in love doesn’t help his cause. Eric tells Kathy that he desires to have a family like they have. As if he knows what they are really like? He asks Kathy for permission to propose to her daughter. Kathy approves.


Bryan Meets The Family

Bryan is up next. When he leaves for his date, Eric and Peter talk down Bryan. Peter is sure that Bryan’s swagger isn’t all legitimate, fake smile, fake boobs that’s all that Peter thinks goes on in Miami. Apparently, he’s never been to Los Angeles.

Before meeting the parents, Rachel decides to introduce Bryan to her friends. They give their approval of him. Bryan begins by telling them about his family and his love for his mother. Kathy asks Bryan whose side he’d pick if Rachel and his mom butted heads. Bryan begrudgingly picks Rachel. Phew. Lie if you have to bro. Bryan gets some more questions and it becomes too much too handle, so he excuses himself from the table. Rachel goes off on her family for questioning him too much. Constance chats up Bryan and he tells her that he already loves her family adds to her skepticism.

Kathy gets one-on-one time with Bryan and questions his love for Rachel also. In turn he asks Kathy for her blessing. She warily gives him her blessing. After all that, Bryan is sure that the visit was a success. Sure it was.


Date With Eric

Onto La Rioja, Spain. Rachel’s first visit there. The first man she gets to meet up with in Spain is Eric. She makes sure to notify him that they are in Rioja, no more empty Baltimore basketball courts. Eric continues screaming random words. I’m fully convinced Eric can’t go or do anything without at least screaming out some word or phrase a few times. They drink some wine next to a monastery.

Night falls quickly and Rachel is eager to poke at Eric and try to retrieve a “I love you” out of him. She does a great job as Eric admits that he’s in love with her. He’s never felt this with another girl. They kiss and a forced “I love you” comes out of Eric. That may give him a shot to stick around. Most importantly that gets him an overnight card, he’s spending the night with her. We know he spent the night, considering we see shirtless Eric as the show comes back from the commercial.


Peter’s Date

Peter is up next. They are heading to a vineyard. The Spanish vineyard operator goes on and on in Spanish and all Rachel and Peter can do is stare at him. A translator would have helped. The vineyard operator wont’ be stopped though, as he belts out some tunes in Spanish. Raquel aka Rachel and Pedro aka Peter even get their own wine cellar. Seems like Rachel’s plan is to get Peter drunk with wine and get him to admit that he will propose to her. Nada. He won’t propose unless he feels it’s the right thing to do. Peter and Rachel become the worst workers this vineyard has ever seen when they get into a grape stomping barrel and just make out. Memo to them, the wine won’t make itself.


Peter, the cork saver, impresses Rachel with his family cork message tradition. They write something on the cork to commemorate the moment. Once again the marriage talk begins. He still reinforces that he won’t go against his beliefs. Neither will budge. She doesn’t want to let him go, but it seems that he’s asking for it. They are on the verge of a breakup and we get a TO BE CONTINUED!



The first half was fairly mediocre. There isn’t much drama when meeting the family, unless you’re Bryan. Rachel’s family didn’t seem to take to him well. The second half of the show picked up for sure. Finally we got to see Eric say that he loves Rachel. Things get real interesting after numerous pokes, Peter still won’t budge on giving Rachel reassurance about proposing to her. The show ends on a cliffhanger where it appears that Peter and Rachel are about to end their romance. Finally a worthy “to be continued.”

The preview for next two weeks were shown. Next week is the infamous “Men Tell All,” which we all know they actually say very little. The week after will be the continuation of the Peter saga that will end with a proposal. They are cramming in a lot for the final. Nice way to build anticipation. My bet is that Peter stays till the end. If she was gonna let him go, she would have already. He’s also seen standing with the other two men at a elimination. That should be an indication.

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