The Bachelorette (S:13 E:8): Meeting Mommy and Daddy

Hometown Eric

Hometowns have arrived and Rachel’s first visit it to Baltimore to see Eric. Soon as he sees her he puts out a bunch of drunken moves on her. For real. They plot their date on a empty Baltimore bench, no humans in sight. Eric decides to show and take her to some broken down basketball court. Safety not assured. Still no humans in sight. It appears the man has never shot a basketball in his life, even though he claims to play all day.

The first species in Baltimore arrives. It’s Eric’s friend. He can’t seem to recall if Eric has ever brought a woman with him. The friend is very proud. Eric lays some measly kisses on her, in effort to show off. He recalls the streets lessons he’s learned on the empty streets of Baltimore. He lets her in on a secret that he’s never ‘brung’ a woman to meet his family. Thankfully the lackluster game of basketball is over.

Credit: ABC

The family visit is at his aunts fancy apartment complex. The party is on, everyone talking over each other, she’s at home. Eric’s aunt and Rachel have a talk about her experience as the Bachelorette, forget about talking about Eric, talk about the show experience. Eric’s mother Karen is next to chat up Rachel, who talks about the ways he challenges her. Skeptical dad takes it all in stride when Eric beams about Rachel. A family toast concludes Rachel’s visit. Rachel is definitely falling for Eric, but Eric cares for her a lot.

Bryan’s Hometown

Off to Miami to see Mr. Colombia. She’s steaming for Bryan on arrival. They go play some dominoes with some old people. Strolling through the Cuban town, forget about Cuban sandwiches, Rachel is hungry for Bryan. It’s obvious she’s ridiculously lusting for him. They finally head to meet Bryan’s family. Mom doesn’t get many words in before she engulfs a drink. There is eerie silence from the family when he tells them of his first encounter with Rachel.

Credit: ABC

Bryan’s mom Olga gets choked up, literally, when he talks up Rachel being the one. Rachel and Olga have a heart to heart, although Olga did giver a stern warning. Bryan can’t seem to hold back anymore by telling her he loves her.

Peter’s Hometown

Rachel should claim her Wisconsin residency. After numerous stints with Nick, she’s back here for Peter, this time in Madison. They go to his favorite restaurant to meet his friends. Peter claims that 8 out of 10 friends are black. Apparently that matters. Next up is a meeting with his family.

maxresdefault (11)
Credit: ABC

Peter’s family is laughing it up as soon as they sit down with him and Rachel. Peter sits down with his mom,Lynn, and brings up all the walls he has. When Rachel talks to Lynn she asks her if Peter is ready for marriage, but the mother doesn’t give her the reassurance she’s seeking. Rachel begins to nag about not getting a potential proposal. Cry me a damn river. The biggest takeaway from this encounter is Peter’s gray hair in all that Midwestern sunlight.

Dean’s Hometown

Rachel arrives in the farmland in Aspen,Colorado. Giggling Dean invites her on a ride on 4-wheelers. Dean starts to describe all the people in his family  she’s going to be meeting and it would that a legitimate linguist to pronounce some of these names. They walked up to a shack, which is indeed Dean’s family home. Dean looks like he’d be more comfortable swimming in shark waters than being at the grand wizard’s (Dean’s dad) house. Rachel is forced “offered” to eat some mix of beans and unknown ingredients. Outside Rachel has an emotional talk with Dean’s sister. On the inside Dean and the grand wizard are trying to hash out the past. They are getting absolutely nowhere. The wizard spits out his water in disgust over his petulant son. Looks like the relationship has worsened. Thanks Bachelorette production, now the wizard and little Dean might never break bread again.

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Credit: ABC

Rachel wants to talk to the wizard, but he wants no part of it. It’s been a great scenario for him to bring forth what Dean has felt, so many thanks to Rachel for bringing that. Rachel goes back inside to lay on the floor and talk to Dean, but beware because the wizard is sheepishly lurking in the windows. These two have no shame as they proceed to make out in the wizard’s living room floor.

Rose Ceremony

The final four are slated for an elimination. Chris Harrison pops up to see what Rachel is thinking. She has reservations about the fact if Eric is in love with her? Bryan, she feels great about considering he’s the only one to tell her that he’s in love. She’s unsure about Peter proposing to her. She’s unsure about Dean falling for her. Her impending decision brings out the tears in her.

The place—Hilton Anatole. Four men, three roses. It’s getting to the nitty gritty. Onto the roses:

  • Bryan
  • Eric

It comes down to Peter and Dean. Peter is the one to get the rose. Dean is going home. Looks like that’s karma for not respecting the wizard. For Dean’ sake hopefully he didn’t go all black, because he might need to come back now that she just sent him packing. She did explain her reasons to him, which were that she didn’t believe he’s ready for what she is. That’s fair. Long elevator ride down for Dean and his cutesy bowtie. He explains how shocked he is by being sent home and believes she made a mistake, well, not according to her.



Going into the episode it was gonna come down to Dean and Eric in my mind, as to who was going to be sent home. Dean was the loser tonight. It was apparent why he was so worried about her meeting his family, his father is, well, quite eccentric, to say the least. There is no doubt she’s really into Bryan and Peter the most. They are the definitive frontrunners and I’d be surprised if they don’t make the final two. Eric seems to be that wildcard.

Next week, they are heading to Spain for the overnights. It also will be the where the remaining men will be meeting with Rachel’s family. Things don’t look to promising for Eric and Bryan. Peter may be in some trouble also. The hometowns are usually one of the better episodes of the season, but next week shouldn’t disappoint.

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