The Bachelorette (S:13 E:7): The Story Of Three Favorites & Three Underwhelming Guys

Trip To Geneva

The setting is Geneva, Switzerland. The remaining men must make a significant impression on Rachel in the week prior to hometowns. Rachel sees the guys and announces that there will be no rose ceremony, but instead there will be a few one-on-one, two-on-one and group dates. The first one-on-one date is with Bryan, who officially becomes the target of every guy in the house.

Sugar Mamma Rachel

Rachel can’t stop bragging about how she’s going to treat Bryan. ABC, expect a big bill coming your way, shopping in Geneva is no joke. First up, some expensive watches, and apparently she’s not playing. Sugar mamma. Back at the hotel the bickering guys get notified that Dean will be going on a date with Rachel.


On their dinner date Rachel is still puzzled how Bryan is still single, meanwhile Bryan boasts about his 5th grade minuscule accomplishments. He finally proceeds to ask her a question about her last boyfriend. What, no more 5th grade accomplishments talk, Bryan? She reverts the question to him and he finally tells her about his short lived wedding in Colombia. His ex broke up with him over his mother. Aha, is mamma Bryan intimidating? We shall find out next week at hometowns (yes, he’s staying). Speaking of staying, Rachel offers him the most obvious rose. They are going to his hometown, but is it in Colombia?

Family Problems

After Bryan got treated to some luxurious things, Dean gets the leftovers. So where do they go? Church! Catholic mass in French. Dean is holding a family secret that he’s uncomfortable revealing. Looks like jokey Dean isn’t in a talking mood, maybe a trip to the Swiss Chucky Cheese will lighten him up more.


Back at the hotel the final one-on-one date card arrives and it goes to Peter. Eric finally comes up with a theory that may be right, that all the guys going on solo dates are the top three (duh).

Dean is hiding his emotions by uncomfortably laughing. She doesn’t let him get away with the childish act. Feeling the pressure, Dean begins to open up about his broken family. Since the passing of his mother, his father’s relationship with him has been strained. Rachel insists she wants to see his family and offers him the hometown rose.

Lucky Number Three

Peter gets the third and final one-on-one. Rachel has no shame in presenting her favorites. She’s running out of ideas, because Peter gets treated to another helicopter ride. So cliche. They are going dog sledding.


maxresdefault (8)

At the hotel, the haters are searching for reasons as to why Peter could be going home. Geez Eric, let it go dude. Speaking of letting go, Peter’s hair is white from the snow, but it’s actually gray anyways, so let it go bro, come home with the gray. At dinner, he begins to talk about how his family will welcome Rachel. He discusses leaving some woman and feeling regretful about it, yup, just what Rachel wants to hear.


Back at the hotel we are introduced to Matt and Adam, two guys who apparently are on the show, but really aren’t. They along with Eric are going on a group date. Continuing at the dinner date Rachel is worried that he might not get down on his knee for her at the end. Does she mean him not proposing or is she worried his knees are physically too weak for him to get down? Hmmm…

French Connection

Adam the dummy man, or dummy, has delusions of grandeur by thinking he’s a front runner. I’m still not sure who he is, but this man is definitely in need of a checkup. Eric has another theory, he’s convinced Rachel’s energy does something to him to make him happy. What a novelty Eric. Matt gets some solo time with her next. She tells him how much he reminds her of herself and the dagger follows. Matt is heading home after she tells him they didn’t have enough time together. Well, she had plenty of time for Bryan, Dean and Peter. So long Matt, we knew you all of the last three minutes.


Delusional Adam continues his ride on the crazy train as he announces that he’s about to put a cherry on top of all he’s build with Rachel. A sand castle and a 10 foot tall jenga structure have more stability and chance of holding up then his connection with Rachel. In other terms, it’s about to crash—badly. Eric gets his chance and continues his sob story about not getting anything in life handed to him. Hopefully that isn’t another one of his theories and what he’s saying is real. He also reveals that he’s never brought a girl home, maybe because he couldn’t hold a girl long enough to bring her home. Good luck being the first Rachel.

One rose and two underwhelming guys. She decides to go with her gut and give it to Eric. Adam’s imaginary emotional building just crashed and burned. I’ll scoop up that cherry. On his limo ride he’s convinced she’s made a massive mistake. All I’m wondering is where is the dummy? Did he leave the dummy behind? Is the dummy going to hometowns? Anyways, Eric lives another day on the show and is the final man to get to introduce her to his family.



Pretty predictable. The fat was trimmed (Matt and Adam) and the expected final four remains. This should set up some interesting hometown dates. This episode further cemented the fact that Bryan and Peter are clear frontrunners, Dean comes in third and Eric is the default fourth guy to go to hometowns with. 

She really can’t hold back her attraction to Bryan. I mean getting him a luxurious watch in Geneva? Bet the other guys will be pleased to hear about that. The preview of the remainder of the season seems to stir up a lot of family drama. Does Rachel’s family think Bryan is a fake? Will the issues of Peter proposing stir up again? Is Dean’s family gonna sabotage his chances? Does Eric gain any momentum? Many of these questions will be answered next week. Tune in. The show is starting to get interesting. 

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