The Bachelorette (S:13 E:6): Will-ful Vikings

Kenny v Lee Conclusion

Things pick up from where Kenny confronts Lee in a bizarre series of taunts. All we needed was Rachel to show up and to interrupt the shenanigans. She comes with a rose and announces to Lee that she doesn’t trust him and that she’s sending him home. On the other hand, Kenny gets a chance to spend more time with her, but doesn’t get a rose.

The helicopter arrives to take Rachel and Kenny, but he decides to turn back and go confront Lee. Not the best move and not necessary. Rachel is pissed. Back at the hotel Kenny gets his last shot to explain himself and prove that he’s the right man for her. She’s a tough cookie, but he manages to convince her that he’s there for her. She believes him and offers him a rose to stay. Next we see Kenny getting the opportunity to Skype or FaceTime (don’t kill the messenger) with his daughter, it’s a nice moment that really paints him in a positive light. Kenny is a good dude, no denying that.

Rose Ceremony

A rose ceremony to get the show rolling. The roses go to:

  • Dean
  • Eric
  • Peter
  • Alex
  • Adam

So the final rose comes down Matt, Josiah and Anthony. The rose goes to Matt! Who? Is this man on the show? Who cares, because that means Josiah is going home. Eric is continuing his crusade and coming up with yet another theory that Rachel isn’t into black men. This guy.

Welcome Denmark


From Oslo to Copenhagen, the European adventure continues. Eric gets the solo date with her. I just noticed he’s a personal trainer from LA. Finally a personal trainer on the show, there has been a true lack of that job type on this show, thankfully Eric takes care of that, and the last 100 contestants before him. They parade around Copenhagen and Rachel claims Eric is so happy and free. Clearly she’s talking about a different guy.

At the hotel the group date card arrives and everyone is going besides Will who gets a solo date. Meanwhile Rachel and Eric go to a local carnival. During their dinner Eric reveals that he doesn’t know how to deal with love, but he’s falling for her. That ended up earning him a rose. Eric did get cheated though, because he doesn’t get the live band playing on his dinner date, but he does get a mini rollercoaster ride.

Viking Games

So the group date starts out with a boat ride on a Viking boat that leads them straight to the Viking games. There are two clowns aka Viking instructors dressed in some fancy Viking attire that are teaching the guys about the Y-king (that’s how this Danish Viking is saying it) games. Competitions ensue, but the real competition is which one of these dudes look goofier in their Viking costumes. It comes down to Kenny and Adam for the main prize and this time Kenny doesn’t throw the competition and put a guy over, he wins. What does he win? Nothing really.


After the group date former and recent Viking Bryan gets some alone time with Rachel, so they waste no time but immediately start making out. At the hotel Will is nervously spewing random thoughts of excitement about his upcoming date to which Eric keeps saying, “Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea and yea”. Once Bryan is done schmoozing Rachel, Peter is up next with her. She barely begins talking to him before SHE asks him to kiss her. Damn girl, coming on strong.

Rachel plays catch up with and then with Kenny. He seems to still be struggling. He makes the big mistake by telling her he doesn’t know if they are progressing, basically he asks to be eliminated. So she grants him his walking papers and sends him home. Kenny doesn’t seem too beat up about it. Kenny is all about his daughter (hard to doubt that), but he also must have seen the writing on the wall. On goes Kenny to be seen a in a wrestling ring soon. Ultimately she just wasn’t that into him, if she was she’d be fighting for him to stay and not let him walk that easily, daughter or not. As far as the group date rose, it goes to Peter.

Clampy Will

For their solo date Rachel and Will are leaving the country, seriously, they are heading to Sweden. Their itinerary isn’t all that good considering they are stuck with an older Swedish couple bragging about all their years together. Rachel is disappointed he isn’t making any romantic attempts at her. Geez this dude is a prude. Their dinner talk isn’t making things better. Will tells her that he mostly dates white women, but Rachel doesn’t take that lightly. This is the camel that broke the back. She picks up the rose and calls him out for his lack of passion, so quite the tease there. Off her goes into the rain.

Looks like we get two rose ceremonies in this episode. Roses are being thrown around all over this episode. She enters the rose ceremony spewing some Shakespeare nonsense, starts to cry and walks out of the rose ceremony. Onto the roses and her alleged hardest goodbye yet:

  • Bryan
  • Matt
  • Dean

The final rose comes down to Adam and Alex, someone with an “A” in their name is staying and going home and it will be Adam that’s staying. Alex bids farewell. The Jeremy Jackson and Jake Gyllenhaal hybrid look-alike is leaving. I’m quite shocked no named Matt and ventriloquist man Adam get to stick around, but no idea why and how? With that the episode comes to an end.



Rising: Eric, Matt, Adam

Falling: Kenny and Will (both eliminated)

Lots of fat was trimmed, and by fat I mean the men on the show. We lost Lee (thankfully), Josiah, Anthony, Kenny, Will and Alex. That’s half dozen men. We must be getting closer to the hometowns and finale. I mean two more cuts till hometowns anyway. I was kinda surprised Anthony and Alex got sent home. Kenny I kinda expected. Lee was a given. Josiah was a minor surprise. The most surprising part was that Matt and Adam are in the final 6? Improbable.

I still can’t find any way how Matt and Adam could make it to hometowns. It’s not a matter of if they get eliminated, but when. As far as the episode it was solid. Good to finally see some exciting eliminations and TWO rose ceremonies in one show. Peter and Bryan keep separating from the rest, they are the clear front-runners at this point.

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