Experiencing ‘The Bachelor’ Audition

Blogger, podcaster and now Bachelorette contestant? Not quite, yet, but this past weekend I went through the gauntlet of auditioning for the show. Most of you have seen the notice on the show prior to the commercials when they list a city that the Bachelor auditions will be coming to, well this past weekend it was my city of Chicago. On Saturday June 24 the Bachelor/Bachelorette auditions were held at the Westin on Michigan Ave., and I was right in the neighborhood to check out what it was all about. Here is the what happened, step-by-step:


I arrived at the lobby of Westin at 2:30 p.m. The auditions had started at 1:00 p.m. The digital billboard in the lobby listed the audition taking place on the 16th floor, all the way to the top, eh? Soon as I get out of the elevator there is a line of women with some standing others sitting in chairs in a hallway in front of a door. There were a few of these lines, most had about 5-10 people in them.

I was certainly NOT there for the Therapeutics Investigators’ Meeting

I proceeded to go forward and enter the conference ballroom where it all began. In the room there were a few hundred seats set up and a table with three people that sign you in. It’s also where you pick up your seven page application to fill out. In the ballroom there were women coming in and out, I mention women because I was one of two men in the entire audition.

The room probably had around 50 women in it, most were arriving with their friends and filling out the applications together. These were some of the best looking woman you could find in one place. Most of them seemed overdressed for the occasion. I’d say they looked more dolled up than some girls on the show! We are talking short skirts, mini dresses, tight jeans, lots of makeup, lipstick beaming from far away, hair on point. These women looked like they were heading to the club or a fancy party. You could sense a bit of tension between them sizing each other up. I guess it’s natural in an environment like this, but it was competitive before the applications were even signed. Off to the side there was a small rotating group getting their pictures taken by one of the casting associates.


Back to the application. Each were numbered, mine was 121, meaning there were a 120 people prior to me. The application itself contained some straightforward get to know you kinda questions. Besides the basic name, age, address, etc. there were questions that required some longer answers, here are some similar examples that were listed on the application:

  • How long was your last relationship and why did it end?
  • What are some of your hobbies and interests?
  • Do you think you can find love on TV?
  • List 3 adjectives that best describe you?
  • What are three life goals that you want to accomplish?

There were more questions, but I didn’t remember them off the top of my head, but you get the gist. When my number was called to get in line to get my picture I was handed a small dry eraser board with a marker and asked to put my name and phone number on it. I held the board for the first picture, then the photographer proceeded to take a few pictures with different poses and angles. After my pictures were taken I went back to filling out the application. Soon after a woman came up to me and asked me to go down to the second floor. I was a bit thrown off considering everyone else was waiting in the hallway for their audition.

Hey, at least I ended up with a ‘Bachelor’ pen, collectors item? I think not


I get off on the second floor and the halls were completely empty as soon as I got off the elevator. I wandered around a bit until a casting director came out from one of the rooms and invited me inside. No, no, nothing shady happened. I was mic’d up and sat down in a chair, there was a camera set in front of me. The casting person asked me to state my name, age and location then proceeded with the questions. I was told I could look into the camera or face them. Then I was asked some questions along the line of the ones in the application.

  • What were your last few relationships and how long they lasted?
  • Are you ready for marriage?
  • What do you do for work?
  • What are your hobbies and things you like to do for fun?
  • Why would you like to be on the show?


It was very chill, easy and conversational. They really do a nice job making you comfortable in a non-intimidating setting. I asked if there were many men auditioning to which I was told there were only a few all day long. I highly doubt they had more than a handful of men show up. I was surprised by the lack of guys there. The casting person took my application and thanked me for attending and that was it. No mention about when they might be reaching out if interested or what the next step might be. You show up, do what’s asked and leave.

The entire process took around 1 hour. All I left with was the Bachelor pen that they had out on the tables to fill out the applications. It was really straightforward and easy. As I was leaving the building I saw a few more giddy women enter, same protocol, dolled up and ready to make it on The Bachelor. Overall, it was an interesting experience and nothing to be nervous about. Just be yourself and be honest and the rest is out of your hands. If it comes to a city nearby, I’d say do it!

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