The Bachelorette: Horsin’ Around With Eric

DeMario Conclusion

The fallout of the DeMario saga continues. DeMario waits in front of the gate and Rachel walks over to see him. All the men in the house head over as backup. DeMario attempts to reconcile with fake apologies in hopes that she takes him back. He tells her that in order to experience joy you need to experience pain, well he sure brings a lot of pain and zero joy. He asks her to give him another chance and she throws it back in his face and owns him.

Now that DeMario is roaming the streets in search of a next mistress, nerdy Jonathan manages to get handsy with Rachel, literally, with a pair of giant hands. Alex proves he’s a Russian wizard by doing a rubik’s cube while chatting up Rachel. Kenny still can’t stop gushing about his daughter. Whaboom gets his time with her also and he’s convinced Blake has a crush on him. Allegedly whaboom claims that Blake is standing over his bed when he sleeps and eats a banana. So weird. Blake extinguishes the flame by reassuring Rachel that he doesn’t eat carbs, so a banana is a no-go.


Rose Ceremony

Finally a rose ceremony. Early show one. Onto the roses:

  • Bryan
  • Brice
  • Eric
  • Anthony
  • Will (who?)
  • Jonathan
  • Jack Stone
  • Matt (who again?)
  • Alex
  • Adam with the dummy?
  • Kenny
  • Brady (no idea)
  • Lee
  • Iggy
  • Fred

The final rose goes to Diggy. The bromance love-hate affair between Blake and whaboom comes to an end, for both.

Ellen Show 

Now that the whaboom drama is over, it’s time for a group date for:

  • Bryan
  • Jonathan
  • Peter
  • Will
  • Fred
  • Alex

These men are headed to the Ellen DeGeneres show. Peter is too nervous being an audience member, yet his being filmed for a national TV show, go figure. The guys task is to strip dance for the women in the audience and collect some dollar bills. Jonathan couldn’t pay off any of these women to get a dollar bill. On the other hand Bryan is stacked—with dollar bills. They play a game of truth and Jonathan is still losing. Oh well.


After the show taping, Alex and Will make sure to get some smooches in, while Fred’s twenty year wait to kiss her goes on. He asks for permission to kiss her and it gets super awkward. Now that she isn’t feeling it, Rachel may decide to put him in time out and not let him play. He just sealed his fate as she sends him home. Clearly she can’t get over being the counselor. At least buddy stole a kiss. The group date rose goes to Alex.

Horse Story

Rachel is ready to horse around on Rodeo Drive by riding a horse with Anthony. They just ride in their horses to one of the stores. You know things are wacky when LA folks are snapping pics of Rachel and Anthony on horses. I mean these people have seen it all living there. Fortunately the horses have a lot more chemistry than the couple riding them.


Back at the house there is a date card arriving. Going on the group date are:

  • Brady
  • Dean
  • Adam
  • Kenny
  • Bryce
  • Adam
  • Lee
  • Eric

Anthony claims to have had a good date and tells her he likes her. He just talked himself into a date rose. Per Bachelorette rules there is a live band right by them playing music as soon as he accepts her rose. As Anthony gets back he gets the heroes welcome from the men. Iggy gets calls out Eric on his insecurity and a heated chat commences.

Tough Mudders

Before the group date gets going, Rachel brings out some of her best friends. Raven, dolphin girl Alexis and Corinne are there to help her out. They are going to some saloon to do some mud wrestling. Kenny spreads some Ring of Honor love. Obviously Kenny beats down and bodyslams his competition. Bryce versus Kenny who lets Bryce win. Kenny puts him over in true wrestling style.


The secret is out. Kenny is a former Vegas Chip n’ Dale. Meanwhile, Eric is getting the scoop from tattle tale Rachel that Lee and Bryce threw him under the bus. Things get heated by the fire when Eric confronts Lee and Bryce. The beef between the men leads to the group date rose payout to Eric. Rachel needed so much help from her friends that she went against their concerns.

Keeping up the tattle tale theme, Iggy decides to throw Eric under the bus. At least he’s a man about it and tells Eric right after. Lee takes the opportunity to throw more shade at Eric when he’s talking to Rachel. Enough gets said to confuse Rachel to go and confront Eric. His immediate response is “I don’t know man,” quite the way to speak to a woman. Just when you thought that Eric has had enough blowups for the night he decides to shout and scream at Lee in front of everyone. TO BE CONTINUED.



Eric gets the most air time he will all season long. Lee is a budding villain we have waited for. Anthony hasn’t seen a horse in his life. Kenny is a heck of a wrestler that quits when the championship is on the line. This weeks winners are: Kenny, Alex, Anthony and Eric—to an extent. Next week promises the rise of a villain named Lee.

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