The Bachelor: Meet The Fam And Survive (S:21 E:08)

Hometown: Raven

The episode starts with the women in shock over Kristina being sent home. Nick interrupts their moment with a sheepish smile. For some reason Nick decided to save face and award roses to the remaining women. The first hometown is Hoxie with Raven.

Raven picks up Nick in a three-wheeler. She proves immediately that she’s a daredevil by going to some metal dome. Cop car sirens go off and Nick is almost taken into custody for finding his way to Hoxie, luckily for him the cop was Raven’s brother. Ahh, those funny Hoxie folks. Next up they end up wrestling around in the mud water. This is so hickish.

Nick and Raven are getting dirty (ABC)

“Hi, I’m Nick,” words a parent should never hear. Great news from the start, Raven’s father is cancer free. Raven is obviously emotional. Raven has an emotional talk with her father about him being able to walk her down the isle. Touching moment. Raven has a heart-to-heart with her mother and tells her she has feelings for Nick that she didn’t have with her ex. Well yea, considering she was Hulking up and breaking down doors to catch her lousy ex cheating. Meanwhile Nick has a chat with her father who sort of gives him a mild warning about being serious with Raven. Before Nick leaves Raven almost tells him she’s in love, but she holds back and doesn’t. This might be her downfall.

Hometown: Rachel

Next hometown is in Dallas, Texas with THE BACHELORETTE Rachel. First order of business—church visit. So it’s no secret that Nick is the only white dude there. Church is a very gutsy first date. Nick reveals that he feels more connected with Rachel after the church visit. Her father won’t be joining family time with Nick, probably cause he’s working on a case against him once he dumps his daughter. Nick has a hard time navigating through convos with Rachel’s family. The family grills him hard about his experience dating black women. Apparently Nick’s dates with colored women only lasted one date. No surprise as considering Nick’s dates last one date with ALL women. Rachel’s sister is married to a white guy, so little pressure has to be taken off Nick, right? Rachel’s mother is stern with him, but appears to be giving him a fair shot.

Rachel’s goofy brother-in-law (ABC)

Hometown: Corinne

Nick’s next date is with Corinne in Miami. First activity is a day in life Corinne shopping at Miami’s most “exclusive mall”. Takes all of five seconds for Nick to realize he won’t be able to ever even afford a hat for her. Corinne spends a fortune shopping. Nick shops at Target probably, so just take the clothes she buys you and run! Nick meets the family and gets treated to some extravagant Olive’s. Nick has a chat with Raquel—of course he does. Biggest concern for Corinne’s father is if Nick can support her. Ultimately after some convincing, daddy gives Nick his approval, only Nick’s facial expression says that he wants no part of this approval. Oh, not to be forgotten in this big fat Greek pre-wedding is that Corinne tells Nick she’s in love with him.

Corinne’s father wants his princess to be treated (ABC)

Hometown: Vanessa

Vanessa is hoping that it’s best for last for her. Montreal is the place where Nick and Vanessa connect. Vanessa wants to take Nick to her school she teaches. Nick is wondering if she should be more worried about her family or students? How about all the Canadian chicks you have dumped in your past? The school visit goes surprisingly great for Nick. She seems like she’s a great special needs teacher the way her students are showing her love. Vanessa takes him to visit her her mother and there are as many family members there as Nick has siblings, now that’s something. Vanessa’s family is asking the right questions post-show and Nick has a hard time handling. The takeaway is that her family is concerned, as they should be.

Vanessa adored by her students (ABC)

Next up is Vanessa’s dad’s house, this can’t go worse than the mother’s home. Her dad wants Nick for two seconds, or time it takes to dispose of Nick. So, instead of trying to survive, he asks the dad for her daughters blessing. The father calls him out on his shit, which was if he asked for the blessing of the other girls parents. Vanessa’s dad grills Nick to the point of making him squirm in his seat, then ultimately gives a “blessing” or Nick’s death wish. Vanessa is annoyed that Nick asked other parents for their blessings. Finally Nick gets away from the madness and heads to Brooklyn for the rose ceremony. Vanessa appears to be conflicted, but Nick gets a bigger surprise when he opens the door knock to his hotel room and discovers Andi Dorfman standing in front of it. To be continued…

Remember Andi, Nick? (ABC)



So this was a fun filled episode, hometowns can either be dramatic or boring, this wasn’t the latter. Raven’s hometown was least dramatic, but most welcoming and normal. Good to hear her father is doing good. She’s almost too normal for him. Rachel’s family were very matter-of-fact and serious. Didn’t sense a warm vibe, even her interaction with Nick seemed off, and that’s the first time it looked that way. Corinne’s hometown visit was wild as expected. Her father seemed fairly superficial just like his precious princess daughter. Was surprised she was the one that said she loves Nick and Raven didn’t. Vanessa’s hometown wasn’t what Nick was hoping for. They were hitting him left and right with hard questions, though, fair ones. The Andi Dorfman arrival was a great twist, but she will probably have little significance and will probably just be there to give him “advice”. Overall, things are looking interesting for next week where he apparently is lost in the snow of Antarctica.

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