The Bachelor: Swamps and Voodoo’s, but Corinne Reigns (S:21 E:05)

Roasting By The Fire

Corinne and Taylor aren’t roasting marshmallows by the fire, they are about to rip off each others heads. Corinne flips the tables on Taylor and accuses her of being impossible to live with and not being there for the right reasons. Corinne being the kind soul that she is, goes over to Nick and tells him that Taylor is disliked and not there for right reasons.

Rose Ceremony 

Early rose ceremony again. The women are freezing their asses off—outside. You can see everyone’s breath and shivering, as if they were in a ice box. The roses go to:

  • Whitney (who?why?)
  • Danielle M.
  • Jasmine
  • Rachel
  • Jaimie
  • Josephine
  • Vanessa
  • Alexis
  • Corinne
  • Taylor

Goodbye to Astrid and Sarah, their time has come to an end. As the women walk away I can’t help but notice the carpet rolled out of the barn. Keeping it classy. Nick announces that they are leaving Wisconsin and headed to New Orleans. What? Leaving the farms already?

Gone are these two cuties (ABC)


The first shot of New Orleans is of a swamp—nailed it. Nick has never been to New Orleans, certainly he’s not missing out on much at all. Chris Harrison arrives and announces three dates for this week, including a two-on-one date. Rachel receives the sought after solo date.

Nick’s date with Rachel starts out at some flea market. He promised to treat her right by buying her stuff. Wow, what a big spender. They are actually eating food and Nick is one hell of a messy eater. After they fill up on food they randomly join in on an incoming parade.

Their dinner date turns into some funeral talk. They talk about their parents being together, Nick tells her that his parents have been together for 38 year. We know Nick, it’s why you have 105 siblings. Nick “breaks the rules” by telling her that he’s super into her. Groundbreaking news—not. Nick offers her a date rose, they kiss.

At the hotel the date card arrives. Everyone besides Corinne and Taylor aren’t going. That means the two-on-one date is with Corinne and Taylor.

Haunted Date

Back at the swamps the women are headed to “Houmas House”. Which is a creepy mansion that’s apparently a haunted house. The house-taker talks about some 8-year-old named Mea, being the ghost that haunts the house. Couldn’t be any less scary. There is a creepy doll, among other things. So the fools decide to play the ouija board. Ok, this guarantees Nick will be haunted and single forever. Vanessa is the smartest woman in the room and doesn’t partake in the ouija board nonsense. If that isn’t a clear indication that this woman is a keeper, then I don’t know what is?

Haunted house adventures (ABC)

So the lost bunch decide to go with Nick on a  dark tour of the house. The biggest ghost of them all appears—a Whitney sighting. She arrived from the doldrums and is still on the show and nobody has seen her. The tour is coming to a halt when brave Jasmine were the hat of the cursed girl. Meanwhile Danielle M. might be the secret ghost from the 70’s with her bell-bottom jeans. Trapped in a time for sure. Raven gets some time with Nick and “accidentally” tells him that she’s in love with him, which doesn’t help her situation at all considering Danielle M. gets the group date rose.

Voodoo Elimination

The two-on-one date takes Nick, Taylor and Corinne to the bayou swamps. Snakes, crocodiles and a fortune teller, that’s a nice start to any date. Taylor is the first victim of the swamp fortune teller. Meanwhile Corinne uses this opportunity to knock Taylor. That’s a lot more productive for her than any fortune teller. Corinne gets her turn with the swamp fortune teller and Nick confronts Taylor about bullying Corinne. In other words, “diminishing her sense of worth” according to Nick. On the other end Corinne gets a voodoo doll from the fortune teller. It’s like giving the inmates the keys to the city.

No swamp can stop this lady (ABC)

An awkward table chat in the middle of the swamp is where Nick decides to give Corinne the rose and ride off in a motor boat with her. Voodoo doll and all. Poor Taylor gets treated to a creepy swamp voodoo ritual. This is worse than being stuck in the desert like Kelsey Poe and Ashley I. were. Corinne gets the date rose and a dinner date with Nick. Taylor isn’t giving up so she’s making her way on the motor boat, and she’s headed straight to find Nick. As Nick is kissing Corinne, Taylor busts through the doors. To be continued…

RATING 8.5/10


Lots of goofy stuff happened in this episode. Swamps, haunted houses, voodoo, Corinne, yup sounds like a bad mix. Tonight was all about Corinne versus Taylor, one of them was going after the two-on-one date. It was pretty obvious that Corinne wasn’t going home. She kept egging on Nick about Taylor all the way. Taylor had little to no connection with Nick from the start. The haunted house stuff was entertaining. Rachel and Danielle are back on track and hot contenders again. Next week looks pretty dramatic. It seemed apparent that Corinne’s time is up and she’ll be going home. Nick cries. Drama surely to follow.

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