The Bachelor: It’s a Waukesha Kinda World (S:21 E:05)

You, Do, You

The firestorm is on and Nick is feeling the pressure. Vanessa gives him a stern ultimatum that she won’t accept a rose if Nick isn’t serious about his intentions. The Corinne backlash is getting to him. Meanwhile Taylor wakes up Corinne from her eternal nap. Corinne is completely unaware of any backlash against her, she’s “not everyones cup of tea”.

Rose Ceremony

Early rose ceremony again

Onto the rose ceremony:

  • Raven
  • Taylor
  • Whitney (who?)
  • Kristina
  • Jasmine
  • Alexis
  • Astrid
  • Danielle M.
  • Jaimie
  • Josephine
  • Sarah

The final rose goes to–Corinne. Of course it does. At least she was up for this ceremony. Christen and Brittany are going home. A bit of a surprise on these two, especially Brittany. So apparently Brittany made fun of girls crying that were leaving the show, but now she’s the crier. Whoops.

Out Of Towner’s

Chris Harrison comes with some really good news about a trip from around the globe. First on deck…Milwaukee, Wisconsin! There can’t be many more possible bigger downers out there. Milwaukee! Chanted no woman ever in history. Oh wait it gets better, it’s a trip to Waukesha. This is seriously a punishment. Danielle L. gets the misfortune of going on a date through some bushes and farms of Waukesha.

Nick is being a great tour guide to Danielle, trying to pump up Waukesha, which is improbable. He tells her it’s the first place he was dumped. Yeah, the first of many. Waukesha is such a huge town that Nick runs into his ex in a empty coffee shop. Of course he decides to introduce Danielle to her. Nick is eying his ex than his date. Maybe because she can’t seem to stop laughing for no reason. He’s not that funny girl. After that odd encounter, Nick explains how he had an amazing day. Oh yea, who wouldn’t. Danielle and Nick have a conversation where she reveals her parents been divorced. She doesn’t want to rush a relationship or marriage. He doesn’t seem to care so he gives her a rose anyways.

Danielle L. gets the tour of Waukesha..darn (ABC)

At the house there is a date card that Danielle M. reads, and the women going are:

  • Rachel
  • Alexis
  • Vanessa
  • Jasmine
  • Jamie
  • Sarah
  • Whitney
  • Kristina
  • Astrid
  • Taylor
  • Justine
  • Corinne
  • Danielle M.

Raven gets the one-on-one date.

Nick has something special for Danielle, it’s a visit to some saloon where a planted concert is taking place. Trying to slow dance to a fast paced song and neither can even dance to begin with. They lock lips a lot during this out of pace dance.

Danielle M. just said the biggest lie of the season, which is that she couldn’t be any more excited to be in Wisconsin. On the other end of the spectrum, this isn’t Corinne’s idea of fun. Dairy farm date. The women are shoveling cow manure. Corinne wants some sushi. These woman are full of crap, no pun intended, ok actually it was intended.

Welcome to Waukesha (ABC)

Time for drinks and mingling, and the Russian Wonder Woman Kristina attempts to open up to Nick, but he shuts it down before she even gets going. Vanessa shows Nick some card that her kids wrote to him. Those kids had no idea, don’t blame them. While that’s going on, Corinne tries to rationalize with the remaining women. They attack her immaturity. Her naps are in question. No worries, she’ll sleep on it. After all Michael Jordan and Abe Lincoln took naps. Valid point by Corinne.

So Kristina finally confronts Corinne and questions her reasoning and excuses. Corinne blames it on a medical condition, she had a panic attack! Sounds awfully familiar, sounds like Kelsey Poe. Nick is handing out a rose and it goes to Kristina. Is nick diggin’ her accent or needs to get a teeth cleaning? I’d go with both.

Child’s Play

Raven can’t see any reason why her and Nick can’t fall in love on their date. How about the fact you’re in Waukesha and there is nothing romantic about that? The date is to Nick’s youngest sister’s soccer game. She’s one of 101 Viall kids. Nick proves that he would be the worst soccer dad of all time with a complete lack of soccer skills. After soccer the date misery continues, as a dozen little girls join them on a date to a skate rink. Oh joy. Can’t imagine a more romantic date than going to child hangout spot with a dozen pre-teens.

Nick doesn’t prove to be a future soccer dad (ABC)

At least their dinner date is better at the Milwaukee museum. She reveals that she caught her ex butt naked cheating on her with some bar chick. She explains knocking the door down like a spider monkey, as if spider monkeys (whatever that is) has the strength of Hulk to knock down doors. Those must have been the magic words because she receives a date rose.

A Firestorm Brewing

Corinne ready to erupt (ABC)

They found the nicest shack in town to dress up to conduct a rose ceremony at. Taylor finds Nick hanging out by the fire outside, so she interrupts his time with Danielle L. to chat with him. Meanwhile Corinne is disgusted and hungry, ready to go off on Taylor. Corinne thinks Taylor just wants to put her down instead of questioning her maturity for Nick. She runs a multi-million dollar business, or is it Raquel. Corinne threatens to punch Taylor and the show comes to an end. To be continued….

RATING: 9/10


Pretty entertaining episode. Lots of Wisconsin entertainment, or lack there of any entertainment. Corinne continues her wrath. Danielle L. establishing herself further as a strong contender. Raven was finally noticed and seems like a great girl. It all culminated in a Corinne-Taylor showdown that was brewing all episode. Next weeks episode teased that either Taylor or Corinne will be gone. This shouldn’t even be a surprise, it will be Taylor for sure, as he barely has any interaction much less a connection with her.

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