Bachelor in Paradise: The Return Of The Bachelor Immortals

Bye-Bye Vinny

Vinny and Izzy are the gossip of paradise. This Vinny-Izzy situation hits home for Carly, who experienced it last season with Kirk. Vinny takes Izzy aside to chat. Good guy Vinny opens up to her about his feelings and his purpose being there. Lots of crying. Vinny decides he will leave. Wow did he make her look bad. This vulnerability stuff works both ways folks. Always hear about women being vulnerable, but here is a guy showing it. Apparently looks matter to women also, not so much personality ehh.

Jade and Tanner Again

Vinny leaves. Everyone is in shock and disappointed. New arrivals are walking down the steps. Dramatic music is playing. Who could it be? Jade and Tanner. Pshh. People are running over like madmen to hug them. The relationship counselors that are Tanner and Jade are meeting individually with all couples to offer their wisdom. So the chat with the wise couple has actually turned into an uncomfortable situation for Grant and Lace. He’s announcing his love for her, while she is questioning it.

The power couple of Jade and Tanner (ABC)
The power couple of Jade and Tanner

The wise couple has a sit down with Josh and Amanda. Josh reiterates that he doesn’t care about Nick. Whose asking bro?He talks up Amanda, sounds kinda fake. Josh begs for a date card from them. Tanner is offering advice to Nick, who just follows it up with “cool”. Tanner is thrilled by Jared and Caila’s thing (I can’t even call it a relationship). Ashley I. attempts to sabotage the chances of Jared and Caila getting a date card. Minutes later they give the date card to Jared and Caila. Ashley is dying inside..again.

Another Shot At Caila

Jennifer Boobage is concerned about Nick not opening up to her about his feelings. Nick brings up the whole ALMOST engagement to two girls. Talks about being feeling like a joke. What’s with the other guy’s self-pity? Toughen up, or bring back the bad guy act, Nick. Jared and Caila go to dinner on their date. They immediately start talking about Ashley and having to walk on egg shells because of her. Apparently there is some lake there, so they strip (not fully) and go in the lake to makeout. Meanwhile Ashley is talking about Caila being such a sexy girl. She can’t be talking about the same chick we are watching. Ashley I. has officially lost it.

Another shot at love  (ABC)
Another shot at love

The Thrills Of Evan

Carly and Evan have a poolside chat where he reveals dating “multiple” women in high school, and claims to hooked up with many in his life. Just stop! These are all lies. The twins founds something–a date card. Evan and Carly are going on a date. Of course they have a bizarro date. A rebirth. Head into some small tepe and get some ritual performed on them. This is borderline exorcist. Carly is impressed how comfortable Evan is in this surrounding. They both bathe each other in some steamy water. This is beyond weird.

Ashley still considers to be Jared’s “main chick”. Caila is confused why people might be questioning if she likes Jared. He tells Caila that Ashley told him to be careful of her. Caila decides to take initiative and go confront Ashley. This might be something. Ashley admits to Caila’s accusations. She is set off when Caila refers to herself and Jared as “we”. Caila questions her pursuit of Jared now. That is all for this week folks.

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