Bachelor In Paradise: In The Nick Of Time

Hike It To Leah

Everyone drinks to celebrate Chadzilla’s departure, meanwhile, Chadzilla is hanging out with his friend Johnny Walker, pouring his soul into him. Still in disbelief no one stood up for him. Hilarious. Leah arrives to find a new field to play on. Paradise field. Leah is distraught that her man of choice Chad is gone. So she decides to start making the rounds.

Vinny is the first victim. Amanda is holding her breath that Leah doesn’t steal away Nick. Oh geez. Vinny and Jared are in a bit of a daze when the twins eat/suck on a banana. I don’t even know. Lace is losing hope and getting paranoid that she’s about to be heading home. Who to call on when in doubt about your future? Vinny! The man of wisdom plays cupid between her and Grant. This man not only does hair, he is a matchmaker also. Grant pretends that nothing between Lace and Chad happened. Reeks desperation.

Lace has shifted her target to Grant Credit: ABC

Twice The Charm With Nick

Nick and Leah are on a date. Having margarita’s, this can’t go wrong, right? She’s attracted to his “lumberjack” look. What? He’s a “lumberjack” now? Leah doesn’t mess around, she goes right for it. Those pumped up new lips are all over Nick. Amanda is Face Timing with her her daughters. Once again, mommy is gone looking for a new daddy. Hopefully it works in her favor this time.

Daniel arrives with a date card–Nick gets it. Again? Twice in one day. He asks Amanda. She’s on cloud nine. Watch out for angry Leah. She might tackle someone. In typical aggressive football player fashion, Leah taunts Amanda, who is putting on makeup for her Nick date. Nick thinks that Amanda has an edge to her. He must be on a date with a different Amanda. She says that NICK is everything she’s been looking for. Said no woman in history, ever. They are sitting around a fire, kiss, right away. Flabbergasted Leah is lamenting how sad it is for her to have such bad luck. While shots of Nick still making out with Amanda.

The New Jared

Sarah might be interested in Vinny, so she goes after him. Izzy is extremely nervous about that. Since when is Vinny so desired. OMG is he the new Jared? Carly has a million thoughts about kissing…Evan! What the hell is going on in paradise? As they leave to go to sleep. Evan goes in for a hug, followed up by a weak kiss. Even thought it was the greatest kiss ever. Carly is super unimpressed, “That kiss was very bad”. The end of Evan.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE – “Episode 301” – Everybody wants Vinny?       (ABC/Rick Rowell) VINNY VENTIERA, ISABEL GOODKIND

Grant is messing around with Lace on the beach. It’s her spot apparently. Next thing you know, they’re in bed together. She wants to take advantage of the situation and get the rose. So a sexual encounter sounds about right. Grant on top of Lace. Yup.

Rose ceremony is coming up. The men are picking. The battle for Jared and Vinny. Unbelievable. Sarah’s last ditch attempt at a Vinny rose. Vinny snatches a kiss from her. Izzy marches up soon after the steal Vinny away and plead for her rose. Not to be forgotten is the battle for Nick. Leah’s final push. She truly believes that Nick got left at the altar more times than he should. Her pitch is intense. Honest Nick tells her he’s leaning towards Amanda. Leah feels, wait for it…blindsided. The top word in The Bachelor dictionary. She makes a push for Daniel. They are talking about oranges and onions. Daniel the eagle wants to only bang one of the twins.

Have A Murray Time

Rose ceremony. Grant is up first, Lace gets it. Nick gives Amanda the rose. Evan picks Carly. Jared gives his rose to Emily the twin. Vinny has a choice between Izzy and Sarah. Izzy gets the rose. Leah, Sarah and Jubilee are left. Daniel has the final pick. The unfunny Canadian picks Sarah. Jubilee is hating on Jared for picking a twin he can’t tell apart. Leah is probably flabbergasted.

The quiet before the Murray storm, as in Josh Murray. Wait till Nick gets the load of that. The women are all smitten asap. He picks one of the twins. Vinny is scared of hid intimidating presence. Evan asks the best question of the season, by asking Nick if he’s good friends with Josh. Hahaa. Awesome. Murray wastes no time and takes Amanda on the date. Nick is seething. And here, we, go, again.

Josh vs Nick: Round Two (Credit: ABC)

Josh and Amanda are on a boat ride. She tells him her date with Nick was nice. Ouch. Daniel has a theory about Josh being an actor. What kind of an actor? Talk about Andi Dorfman’s “tell-all” book. Josh claims it’s a fictional story. Amanda trusts him and sees the genuine side. Of course she does. Nick is wailing around the beach, alone. Nick keeps stressing about Amanda. Josh doesn’t care that Nick wants Amanda. So is Josh now that bad guy, and Nick the good guy? Could this be even possible? Only on the Bachelor can this happen. These storylines are better than in wrestling. Nick is doing a Chadlike workout. He’s concerned that people will think he is a loser compared to Josh.

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