The Bachelorette: Thai To Go

Shocking Decision

Week 9 of The Bachelorette starts out the in warehouse hangar rose ceremony, just where we left off a week before. A discombobulated JoJo returns and hands the first rose to Baby Rodgers. Next rose goes to Robby. Down to Chase and Luke now. And the rose goes to…Chase?!?! What?! Now that’s a stunner. Luke looks floored. This is a curveball for sure. Apparently according to Luke this isn’t supposed to happen. He looks truly floored, did the producers break his promises. JoJo is sobbing and crying as if some tragedy just happened. Luke describes the news as getting hit by the trail–yea, just like that. Fool. Biggest takeaway is the fact that CHASE is still around? Just as the Luke limo disappears she announces that she misses him.

JoJo in tears after sending home Luke (Credit: ABC)

Having a Thai Of Her Life

Time to use one of those plans in the hangar and fly off to Hua Hin, Thailand. This looks a lot like the place Chris Soules took his final three to. So Robby arrives in an umbrella motorcycle wagon. Yeah, picture that. The date walking around town markets quickly turns into a monsoon. Once again Robby rains down on her parade. JoJo being the caring soul that she is, asks Robby if he’s breathing okay? Like that’s an issue now?

So JoJo brings out the overnight date card and she asks him to join. He ends up talking about some nonsense. I don’t even know if he accepted. Update: He accepts. JoJo admits to loving Robby. How and why? She’s found her love story with Robby. I can’t. So she wakes up with Robby and she holds back on telling him that she loves him. Looks like Aquaman Robby has some skills or brainwashing techniques.

Robby and JoJo falling in love (Credit: ABC)

Questions Of Love

Baby Rodgers gets the middle date. He arrives on a boat. Much better entrance than Aquaman, which is actually an entrance he should have had. “We are both just sweating our butts off,” comes straight from Jordan as they hike up some jungle trail. They are heading straight into a cave. They head to a cave temple. Kinda cool. The temple cave rules state that there is no kissing. Baby Rodgers just got royally screwed. I’m thoroughly impressed with the Baby Rodgers hair poof.

Baby Rodgers tells her that he wants to look into her dad’s eyes…err, what? Okay, so he may or may not have said that he would only do that to tell him that he will be there to protect his daughter. JoJo is mesmerized and is debating if Jordan is too good to be true. Jordan admits to being a traditional guy. Please. Yeah, because everything about him is so traditional. She’s nervous about his lifestyle of being gone a lot. Did she confuse him with Aaron? This guy isn’t playing pro sports. Another Ben reference and comparison from her. Geez. Still won’t let it go.

JoJo is grilling Baby Rodgers. Questions him about how he knows that he loves her. He manages to come up with something that sounds reasonable. Talking his way out, as always. Does she even have to ask him about the overnight? They wake up in the morning, Baby Rodgers doesn’t even bother putting on a shirt, he tells her the night was exactly what he needed. No shit.

Not Feelin’ It

Chase drives up like a mad man on a scooter. Quite the badass. A motor boat ride with Chase and a monkey that is following them around the coast. Far more fascinating than just hanging out with Chase. This guy is beyond boring. JoJo is scared by all the joy the he brings to her. Unreal. They are tossing each other in the water, but the the sight of his horrible giant side rib tattoo is hard on the eyes. Thank goodness for the commercial break. Chase can’t even keep your attention in the confessional. He’s that dull. While Chase is waiting for an overnight, a knock on the door and Robby arrives. Sneaky. More sweet talking and marriage talk from him. She says she loves Jordan and Robby, but could fall in love with Chase. Say goodbye Chase, you’re so done.

At dinner Chase toasts to trusting him? Worst. Toast. Ever. Why even offer him the fantasy suite. So, he’s offered and accepts. Blah. Chase keeps talking about how “scary” it is for him to tell her that he loves her. JoJo admits to not feeling it. She excuses herself, Chase tells her that he’ll be there. Not for long, buddy. When she comes back from her break, she tries explaining to him how she feels and that it wouldn’t be fair to have an overnight date with him. Ouch. He’s definitely not even gonna get sexy time. Best part is he’s about to walk out she pushes him back, he takes a gulp of wine. Best Chase moment to date. She tells hime that he’s everything that she wants. Sure he is. The second great Chase move is that he just walks away from her. Like a boss.

Rose Ceremony

Rose ceremony almost doesn’t get under way due to a sneaky monkey almost stealing one of the roses. Night after the Chase dumping. She’d rather spend the night alone than with him. Maybe she snuck in Robby or Jordan for an extra night? Who knows. Jordan and Robby arrive. JoJo follows soon after. As she is explaining why she let go of Chase, wouldn’t you know it, Chase walks down the stairs. He asks to talk to her. Oh no. Baller status revoked.

Robby wonders how people can come back from the dead. Maybe it’s a ghost of Chase. Chase comes back to apologize. Chase leaves and the monkey follows him. It was meant to be. JoJo questions why couldn’t she fall in love with him? Umm maybe cause he’s Captain Dull? Yeah, that’s it. Both get the obvious roses. So she’s the female Ben and is in love with two men.

The live TV event of the summer..sure. JoJo can’t decide in the preview of the final. Aquaman Robby vs. Baby Rodgers. Panic attacks galore.

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