The Bachelorette: Fouresome Family Fun

Getting To The Chase

Hometown dates week has arrived. JoJo gets to meet the luck four’s families. First up it’s a visit to Chase’s family. Dull man Chase brings JoJo to meet his father. Chase tells his father that he’s diving into it. After visiting dad, next up was a trip to visit his mom. So mom and JoJo have a brief unspectacular chat. In the meantime Chase and his sister talk shit about their father. Just the kinda kids you wanna have. Mom praises Chase, as he begins to tear up. First time he’s shown any emotion all season, and probably the last we’ve seen. When JoJo’s about to leave Chase tells her he’s falling in love with her.

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood

Chico, CA is the next stop. JoJo is impressed with the deer. Jordan brings her to his high school, home of the VIKINGS. Bet, his brother would love that. Jordan introduces her to his former coach. The high school tour takes them to some office loaded with pictures of a jock-ish Baby Rodgers. Oh look, a picture of Aaron. We don’t talk about him. So the mystery of Aaron remains.

They walk over to his parents house. Darla, Ed, and older brother Luke Rodgers along with his wife are there to meet them. JoJo takes Luke aside to talk about AARON. Luke tells her that they don’t talk about Aaron. Clearly Aaron is estranged. JoJo tells Luke that she is crazy about Jordan. Ed Rodgers gets the chat with JoJo, nothing of importance. Momma Rodgers talks to Jordan and he tells her that he loves JoJo. Mom is excited. JoJo admits she’s scared to tell him that she’s falling in love with him.

Out In The World

Robby’s hometown turn. Surprise, surprise he’s wearing a pink shirt. Robby is pulling out all the stops as he has a carriage ready to pick them up. JoJo brings up the fact that he’s the one that told her he loves her first. She then proceeds to question him about his last relationship and if he’s over it. He tells her she never has to worry about his past…sure. Home Sweet home is apparently–Jacksonville? Ouch. Annoying Robby arrives and there are a ton of people there. His mom, dad, coach? His two sisters, two younger brothers, etc..What the hell is his coach doing there?! Exuberant Robby describes the fireworks he’s enjoyed with JoJo and the “ashes in their eyes”. Pretty much exactly the feeling I get when I see him on-screen.

Annoying Robby brags to his brothers about all the panic attacks he’s had. This drama won’t stop.Robby’s mom attempts to convince JoJo that Robby is in it for the right reasons. She tells the mother that she’s falling for Robby. What? This is Ben all over again. Robby’s mom tells Robby about the “wild online rumors” that Robby’s ex’s roommate (follow me here) is spreading news to the world that he broke up with his ex to go on the show. Ok, I can’t even follow it anymore.

Pink Robby pulls aside his sisters away from JoJo to tell him about the issues “out in the world” (as if they are living on Mars or something). JoJo is concerned and questions what’s going on. Robby attempts to explain himself about his Hope(less) situation with his ex. Her concern is alleviated by his honesty, or assumption of it. JoJo leaves Robby, and all I could care about is that awesome background music playing (my favorite Bachelor music).

Somewhere In Texas

Last but not least, Luke. Somewhere named Burnet, TX. This is so country. Fittingly Luke is wearing a red flannel. JoJo feels so good about being in Texas. She must be the only one. Surprise! A thousand Texans are at Luke’s BBQ. The ENTIRE town is there. JoJo thinks it’s so great. How? Some interesting looking characters there. Luke’s father is such a Texan, cowboy hat and country slang. Fathers advice is to make a decision from the heart. Luke can’t boil water is the talk of the BBQ. The girl sitting next to Luke is super hot. Big takeaway is that Luke’s sister is HOT! JoJo is still unsure if Luke is in love with her. He attempts to reassure her that he’s into her. This has been the trend of tonight’s episode. Luke and JoJo kiss on some empty field. A love song plays in the background (not actually).

Flying Home

Back in Los Angeles (it’s been a while) JoJo and the guys arrive at an airport hangar, someone will be flying off quickly. Three roses and four guys. Someone isn’t getting an overnight date. JoJo arrives looking sultry in a ocean blue shiny dress–hot. First rose goes to…wait! Luke asks to talk to her. He tells her that he’s in love with her. Wow, just as the clock expires. JoJo is now torn and crying. She is now officially conflicted. TO BE CONTINUED. Haven’t had that one in a while. Luke just saved his ass. Next week is a two-night event.

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