Bachelor in Paradise: The Welladise Triangle

Jaredise Is Over

Will Caila stay or leave? That’s the question we start with. Ashley tells Jared that she sabotaged his relationship with Caila for his own good. Jared is leaving..with Caila. He literally runs after her car as she drives away. Jared and Caila are gone from paradise. Wells finally gets back from his date with Jami. Wells gets news of Jared leaving, so he decides to chat up Ashley. Wells is surprised Ashley seems emotionally mature. That’s when it’s time to get worried.

Jared runs (literally) after Caila (ABC)

Russian Vixen 

Izzy has never been attracted to anyone like she is to Brett. She demonstrates that by squeezing his man boob. I have nothing more to say on that. Wells is torn between Jami and Ashley. Lauren H. arrives in paradise, she’s the one from Ben’s season. Before Lauren establishes herself Shu-Shu the Russian vixen arrives. Lauren and Shu get a double date. Ashley is entering a further tailspin by seeing Wells accept a date from Shu, and “lamp man” accepts a date from Lauren. The double date is a trip surfing. None of them can surf. Lauren is smitten with “lamp guy”. How is this even possible?

The Russian vixen (ABC)
The Russian vixen

Sweet Talking To Love

Evan and Carly are going at it like wildly possessed people. Josh keeps playing the blame game, this time telling Lace about it. Like that’s the go-to person to go with a complaint. Apparently the producers heard the complaints because Amanda receives a date card for her and Josh. On the date Josh tells Amanda a bunch of sweet nothings. Amanda believes it all. She sees the sweet and sensitive side of him. She might be the only one. Fireworks erupt as they embrace.

Back to Josh (ABC)

The surfer goofs arrive from their date. Jami corners Wells and they are reconnecting. Ashley decides to put the pressure on Wells and they makeout as the show comes to an end.

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