For those that have followed ABC’s The Bachelor franchise, are certainly aware of who Chad Johnson is. Known as one of the biggest villains and controversial figures in the history of the show. Villain Chad has made countless headlines and several appearances on Bachelor shows. I had a chance to speak to Chad at a Make-A-Wish event. He spoke about the image the show portrayed him in, plus a lot more.


This is the sort of interview that really swayed my opinion of someone. We watch shows and tend to be swayed by the image perceived on the show of the people we watch on screen. Reality shows are a commonplace where a certain character is created, either by the contestant or the show.

Chad has held a bad boy imagine, with people thinking he was a douchebag (including myself), just based on what we saw of him on the show. After meeting and speaking to Chad, I can honestly say he couldn’t have been any nicer and polite. I was sort of blow away by that. Moral of the story, don’t always believe what you see on TV or hear online or in magazines.

As for the interview, he was great. I felt he was very honest and transparent, which is something I can always appreciate about someone. He spoke about his interactions with some of the other cast members from the show. He also talked about his thoughts on how they select “The Bachelor”, which I found pretty spot on.

I came away impressed by Chad and found him to be a solid and cool guy.

Source: Getty

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