The Bachelor (S:22 E:10): Three Women and the Unwelcome Visitor

Kendall’s Day

The final three are set. The overnights are coming. It’s down to Lauren, Kendall and Becca. The destination is Peru. Arie’s first date is Kendall. He meets her in the desert. To ride a car through the sand, only to follow that by sand boarding. Off-camera she reveals that she isn’t ready and wouldn’t propose to Arie if he asked her.


On the dinner date she’s scared that she’s not ready for him like the other women are. He tells her that he’s never dated anyone like her and he’s so curious about her. All the confusion and uncertainty makes her tell him that she’s falling in love with him? Ah confusion.

The A-man pulls out the fantasy suite card and Kendall immediately clears her throat. She goes back on her talk of not being ready and accepts the fantasy suite. Kendall changes her mind on her feeling about every minute.


All Arie managed to learn about her after spending the night was how she likes her eggs done. Important, but not quite marriage like. Arie lets it slip out that he’s falling in love with her.

Lauren’s Day

Lauren’s date is next. She goes on a plane ride with Arie to see the sights from above. The stronger she feels for him the more afraid she gets. Sounds complicated. She doesn’t know if she can do it anymore. Arie is scared shitless over that. The biggest take away is that Arie seems to have a big hickie on his throat. Thanks Kendall.


Lauren smiles and nods and nervously keeps saying “like” as Arie voices his concerns about her, yet he reassures her that he loves her and doesn’t want to lose her. That’s two for two on him proclaiming his love. Becca, the pressure is on you to make him say I love you. That was good enough for her to be convinced to accept the overnight date.


The rooster wakes them up from the overnight. Arie feels so much closer to her. I bet. Although he can’t stop telling her that he loves her. Now, she can’t see him ending up with anyone but him.

Becca’s Day

Becca wearing daisy dukes runs and jumps into Arie’s arms. She asks him how he’s been. Oh he’s been just fine, Becca. Arie needs to stop being good at everything cause it’s driving Becca wild.


These two are wildly boring and plain. They agree on everything and have no concerns, besides the obvious concern that there is a major lack of passion between them. Arie completes the trifecta and tells Becca he loves her. Three for three. Well done.

Of course she accepts the fantasy suite. He follows with a semi creepy giggle he’s been doing after every girl accepts an overnight.


Next morning Becca is the happiest girl in the world. She can’t believe he said he loves her. She sees her life partner, father of her children in him, yet little does she now two other girls are aware that Arie loves them.

Oh Hi, Ross

After the high Becca rides off with, in comes Ross, Becca’s ex who claims to be her soulmate. He goes right up to Arie’s door. Arie lets him in thinking it’s management. It’s not. Ross proclaims his love for Becca and vows to fight for her. Your turn Arie.


Of course production is going to guide Ross to Becca next. Ross makes his proclamation that he is meant to be with her. He acknowledges that his life is like The Notebook. She doesn’t understand why he would think he had a chance. It’s because crazy has no limits. She doesn’t want him back, that’s all it took for crazy Ross to beat it.



Arie still can’t wrap his head around how Ross made his way to Peru. Easy answer, the same people who got you on the show Arie. Becca and Arie chat again. Arie is having serious reservations about Becca and doesn’t want this situation to muddy his future should he pick her. Makes sense.

After the craziness of the Becca boyfriend, Arie sits down with Chris Harrison for a chat. Very casual.


How was your week?

Oh fine, just an ex that flew half way across the globe to try to steal the girl I’m in love with.

Anything else?

Not really, good dates.


Rose Ceremony

We actually get a rose ceremony. As always, Arie asks to speak to Kendall before he hands out the roses. This time Kendall’s outcome isn’t as positive. Arie doesn’t feel she can catch up to other women and she didn’t give him the assurance he wanted, so it’s game over Kendall.


In fact, she takes the news great. Doesn’t seem rattled or disappointed at all. As if she just came to an end of a fun date and it was time to go home. Clearly she wasn’t ready or in it for the long haul. She’s free to make her own taxidermy man now.



(Becca’s ex crashes the show and little happens from it)


These are the episode take aways:

  • Lauren can’t stop herself from constantly saying “like”. Like as if she’s a hyped up high school cheerleader.
  • Becca and Arie are just so unspectacular together. They agree with everything and get along, yet there seems to be a lack of passion.
  • Kendall is just having fun, she’s going along for the ride and going with the flow. Too emotionally unavailable to allow herself to take it further with Arie.
  • There is no way that Ross wasn’t tipped off by production. I mean he shows up directly in some village they were at. They even sent him right to Arie’s door. I wouldn’t be surprised if they covered his plane ticket also.
  • It’s sort of embarrassing and shady that the show sets up their cast just in hopes of a minor ratings boost. Putting people in uncomfortable and awkward situations just for shock value. Tough luck for Arie.

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